Week Ending 15th July 2012

Time out there: 9 hours; Mileage for the week: 91km

Day Time Session Duration
Monday Morning Steady trail run. KVR, Big Tunnel return. 1h 35m
Tuesday Morning Tempo trail run. KVR, Smethhurst, Power Line track, Tote Rd, Rock ovens. 1h 15m
Evening Tempo road run. Naramata foreshore and hills. 43 min
Wednesday Morning Interval trail run. KVR out and back. Include 3 x 3km intervals descending (quicker ea 3km) 1h 18m
Thursday Morning Easy trail run. Power Line track, KVR, Adra Springs. 1h 30m
Friday Morning Tempo trail run. Apex Ski Resort - Beaconsfield peak, Apex, Beaconsfiled. 2 hour
Saturday Morning Fartlek trail Run. KVR, Rock Ovens, Power line, home. 50 min
Sunday DAY OFF
Total 9 hrs